The supremacy of sundarban tigers


The supremacy of sundarban tigers

Bengal Tiger, the national animal of India are royal, majestic and the apex predator of their domain. The tigers of Sundarban, have some unique characteristics that make them different to other tigers.

What are these traits?

Well, for starters the Royal Bengal Tiger is the lightest of its kind. It’s body mass and fat levels are low due to the fact that it has to hunt for its prey in the dense tidal forests of Sundarban, with it’s  maze of mangrove roots, soft sticky mud and changing water levels every six hours. Consequently, the tracking and chasing of its prey becomes difficult resulting in a very low kill ratio. The force with which they strike tends to break the neck of their prey. Holding on to the neck of the animal, starving it off breath, results in asphyxiation of the prey animal.

These magnificent tigers have the stamina and endurance to withstand long periods without food, thereby making it lean. Surrounded by mangroves, they are known to be able to cross an expansive river within a span of a few minutes and they seem comfortable hunting in water too. To compensate for the difficult hunting conditions, these tigers use tact. There are known instances of a tiger straggling up a tree to bring down a prey.

The coats of these tigers offer them excellent camouflage which makes it possible to stalk prey before moving in for the kill. Stealth is also an effective strategy for them. Despite their size they are very powerful and can haul the carcass of the prey, which at times may easily be more than their own weight.

 Despite adversity, poaching, human encroachment and intense climatic change, the Royal Bengal Tiger strives to make it to the next day and this is commendable.

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